A Journey – Sunshine & Peace

POEM – The Mountain of Sunshine & Peace

The Mountain is high,

the road is long and winding,

filled with uncertainties and fears.

With weeds and flowers,

With Stones and bolders,

With Cracks and holes,

With animals and creatures great and small.

As we walk the road of sunshine and peace,

we will be remembered for the good words,

we will be remembered for the kind actions,

we will be remembered for the compassionate thoughts

along the way.

We will remember those who stood and watched,

we will remember those who fed us when we were hungry,

we will remember those who pushed us and we fought with,

we will remember the memories of pain and joy,

we will remember who held out their hand in times of need,

we will remember the love we gave and received.

Buried in a moment,

Buried in a day,

Buried in a week,

Buried in a month,

Buried in a year,

Buried in a century,

Buried in a time so long ago.

We will remember, so will you.     by  Natasha Parker

Published by Harmony Health and Happiness

Energy Dynamic Foundation Team Building A step by step way to bring Harmony, Health and Happiness to the Lives of People by using trusted systems to support people with Talent, Wealth, Health and Harmonising individual and unique Teams at home or in business to create win/win solutions and bring Peace to our everyday challenges in Life.

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