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POEM – Black is Black

Long gone are the days of

smiles, of sunshine and Peace,

on the lonely man’s journey to greener pastures.

Bitterness, resentments and fear,

live behind the closed doors

around the sharp corners and windy paths.

When the daily news is

filled with violent actions,

people gunned down,

Violent World, Violent deeds, Violent Thoughts &

Immoral acts.

Lives taken away in the

blink of an eye,

Left in pools of sorrow & sadness,

and no regret for a person’s life.

People beaten, bruised

tortured, by the psycologically insane,

till their bodies grow weak,

their bones crumble and shake,

and the smile has all gone.

Their skin pale like the moon’s light,

blackened eyes from the abuse,

and sleepless nights of torture,

To awake to the same days of so much darkness.

by Natasha Parkermoon_clouds_sky_black-and-white_6442_1920x1200

Published by Harmony Health and Happiness

HARMONY HEALTH AND HAPPINESS A totally personalised holistic approach to Mind Body Soul Wellness - Wellbeing Solutions -Investing in People - Empowering Lives

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