Acceptable vs Not Acceptable

What are our Values!jeremykyle

How much shock treatment do people really need?  Could we call it abuse?  Could we call it violence?  What are we prepared to accept verus what is not acceptable?  Humiliating people will have serious consequences for people, countries and nations.

In 2015  I wrote to him suggesting changes which needed to be implemented introducing specialists and professionals to help these people.  In my opinion, he was not helping people.  Then off to the BBC South East to Challenge the Show.  I received some invaluable insights and exceptional advise from one of the leaders in TV, Media, Communication.

Why would any Company support humiliation, depreciation and enjoy sharing violence and abusive behaviour and believe this is normal, when the UK must be No.1 in Charitable Trusts and Organisations helping people around the World.  This contradicts our Integrity, Core Beliefs and Values in the UK.



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