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“Unveiled at this week’s SXSW festival in Texas, Sony’s Future Lab showcased an incredible “Interactive Tabletop”. No, this isn’t like Microsoft’s failed Surface table from years ago; Sony’s tech uses a projector to turn any flat surface into a screen for people to interact with.

Using depth sensors and motion tracking, Sony’s projector can recognise objects and allow you to interact with them in new ways. One example attendees were shown was a Wonderbook-style interactive storybook ofAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland – with the projector recognising an off-the shelf copy of Lewis Carroll’s classic.” The Verge SONY



We all love books, stories and to read about things that we enjoy.  Is it possible to combine Microsoft’s hologram + voice + with Sony’s Interactive tabletop to produce an interactive book – listen to the author, see the author and interact with the author as a hologram?

Working together to create fun experiences and sharing knowledge of technology, people, words, passions whilst you speak, listen, watch, feel and question.  by Natasha Parker






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