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Every Child Matters – Education in Kent – What about Your Country? Town? City?

It´s always daunting for any child their first day at school, be it nursery, primary, secondary or further education. As a mother, father, parent or carer searching for the right school. Where a child will flourish and grow to be a great individual and valuable asset to the Community and their country and leave a legacy any family would be proud of.

How many times do we take time to value the people who can make a difference in a child’s life and development? When they are surrounded by the pressures of everyday in achieving targets and results and should be remunerated, valued, respected and appreciated.

Collaboration, teamwork and working together we can see results – parents, students, teachers, directives and Local and National Governments. Too often, we are too quick to point the finger and blame others, when we fully understand that there are other underlying issues which should be examined in the life of a child and which affects their development and personal behaviour in accomplishing their dream or goals.

How many value the measures that Government, Local Authorities play in ensuring each child matters. School breakfasts, transport, uniforms, trained and qualified teachers, assistants, directives.

As Mr. Matthew Tompkins and Mr. Paul Duffy walk the corridors or stand in the playground of their installations, greeting and talking to their family, the students to encourage them, to listen and to understand them. How each one of them with the funds they have been given to ensure a each child matters and that their staff have the training, skills and support to nuture the children in their learning development and bag filled skills and memories.

How well as parents do we understand the people who have an enormous responsibility in our child´s life? How a warm welcome to their schools, a happy birthday to a small child who had only began their second day, words of encouragement when they have done well, or firm words when children have been disrespectful to staff and students. Take the time and make the time to listen and work collaboratively for the best of each child. They are the foundation and roots of the next generations to come.

People Matter, Lives Matter & You Matter – Education

by: Natasha Parker

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