Time to Innovate & Help with Stress  DO IBM WATSON OR NEON Have the ANSWER?

I have been fortunate to meet exceptional professionals in Education at Primary and Secondary level here in Kent in the UK since returning in 2014.

As we start a New Year in Education, as children, parents, teachers and directives are introduced to new regulations and standards as part of Government new Regulations in Education for 2015/2016. I think it only fair to share 2 professionals who exceed in their dedication towards preparing our children for  better future, with learning skills to help them reach their potential.

Each one of them have added enormous encouragement, support and exceed with their hands on approach, directive, solutions and vision to give exceptional understanding, focus, clarity and unity in trying to achieve the great tasks facing the World of Education in preparing the leaders of tomorrow.

Each one with a kind heart, always ready to listen to children and their parents, making time in their extremely demanding positions. Their understanding nature behind the complexities of introducing new rules, looking for a holistic/all round approach for the Wellbeing of staff, children and parents.

Men who are great pillars of the Educational World in the UK and garden of Eden – Kent. The immense organizational skills, management, people skills needed to get the job done.  Joining the small and the larger schools together, forming mutual agreements, discussions, input and providing support when necessary.  As they constantly update with the ever increasing demands of technology and control systems in place to ensure more effective communication.

As well as, how they adapt to new students with the diversity of cultures, customs and abilities that arrive constantly in search for the right school for each child. Every child, teacher and parent matters, indifferent of social or economic status.

Meet the Men behind the story ………

Is IBM WATSON OR NEON the ANSWER?  We have so many fantastic technological advancements in the field of Education and programmes already implemented in some schools but not ALL. What about the Teachers?  Automated Mobile Programmes to help TEACHERS & DIRECTIVES with the overload of NEW GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS IN THE UK?

by: Natasha Parker