Crimes of Passion

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together (African Proverb)

Episode 1 – Marriage & Sex & Relationships

– “With the increase of divorce, single parents, sexual affairs on the rise and now recent online dating sites being hacked abusing people´s privacy and relationships, today our guest (SPECIALIST) will being giving us his view on getting to the truth behind the lies, abuse in marriage and if there is anything we can share with our public to avoid disappointment and to make a better choice in marriage or choosing a partner for life.”

– “Firstly, I would like to thank you for inviting me on the show to discuss a topic which reaches the heart of many people looking for answers. Of course, this is one of my many areas of expertise, deceit, deception, abuse and violence.”

– “One of our greatest real life stories here in the United Kingdom is the breakdown of our beloved and cherished Princess Diana marriage to Prince Charles and the affair.” “Every child´s dream of meeting a prince and finally getting married and how there were many different issues related to deceit, abuse and sexual behaviour”. “In your view, (SPECIALIST) are there any factors or signs which after analyzing footage could help our soon to be couples or give answers to those who have gone through divorce or even an affair.”

“Yes of course, one of the factors which is important to consider in any relationship and which today is about marriage are the non-verbal behaviour of people and which give us a great understanding and clues and signs to an individual”. “Interpersonal relationship, character and personality profile.”

– “I suppose these factors would help to us to avoid sleeping with the enemy so to speak.” “Giving trust only to find people are being lied to.” “Would this also help for those who are experiencing physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse?”

– “Yes of course, there are personality traits which will help people understand if they are married or are about to marry a psychopath, abusive or violent partner.” The signs are all there.

Future Episodes:  2. Children 3. Business 4. Religion 5. Government 6. Family
7. Community  8. Unemployment

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