A Book is a Book & A Life is a Life


As the arguments continue in the United Kingdom about Healthcare & the NHS long hours, not enough pay and lack of appreciation for the professionals.  Today I want to thank the Doctors & Nurses who saved my life more than 50 Years ago at St. Marys Hospital in London.

I was no bigger than a hand  and nutured in the intensive care department, only weighing as much as a sugar packet, no nails, no hair just surrounded by tubes until I could go home weighing 5 lbs.

We didn’t have to think about private healthcare.  I wasn’t surrounded by the press or photographers like all the British Royalty born in the same hospital.  That didn’t matter, my mother was going to have a baby and that is where I was born, no problem about gender, religion, status, or economic affordability.

A child is a gift, a combination of two to make one and the cycle continues …….

I have three – what about YOU?

by Natasha Parker





Published by Harmony Health and Happiness

Energy Dynamic Foundation Team Building A step by step way to bring Harmony, Health and Happiness to the Lives of People by using trusted systems to support people with Talent, Wealth, Health and Harmonising individual and unique Teams at home or in business to create win/win solutions and bring Peace to our everyday challenges in Life.

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