The Word


As artists of the Word we choose words which bring meaning to ourselves and hopefully best describes and defines our message, goal, vision and mission.

We use words to communicate and if just for one moment think which word would be the best can change a situation, change people’s beliefs, change people’s limiting ideas.  The english language is rich in words and there is a constant change of new words in the dictionary.  I come from a family which has had to try and overcome the difficulty of language and expression and WORDS – spanish, indian, greek, german, english.

As I speak many languages, it was always better to try and understand a person from another country using their words.  How I translated them would be the hard task and this I found when translating my first book into 7 languages – is this correct, would they understand?

ONE WORD is so important.  Did you know that philosophers, writers, theologists, historians, linguists, etc still argue today about a single WORD and it’s definition.  What define’s the meaning of a word, the context’s it is used the list is endless of ideas and WHY.  You will be surprised just as I was investigating the word RELIGION.  Of course, I have my own personal view, what this word means for me and how it has developed over the years.

I leave you with some songs which artists have chosen to title their work THE WORD, THE WORDS, ONE WORD

By  Natasha Parker


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