Name Words Definition Stories



The name we give things will define what we have learnt.

The name we give objects will define what it is used for.

The name we give actions will define where we go.

What’s your name?  How many names do you have?  I  have two, one my parents gave me Natasha and one the church asked for Luisa.

It’s so easy to assume and make assumptions based on whose ideals?  Our family, Our country, Our customs, Our traditions, laws, etc.

Even the name of a book, a story or a Life.  I could have called my book any of the following with the stories of the people.  Which one is your favourite one?

Alice in Wonderland

Red Riding Hood

Sleeping Beauty

Jungle Book

Monsters Inc

Rich Man Poor Man

Oliver Twist

Beauty & the Beast

Mary Poppins

My fair Lady


Lion King




Did you read the beneath the words, the names, the layers and layers?  A life is filled with rich opportunities behind a mask of self discovery, a journey around the World in a Life.

What lights your fire?  The spark, the start.  A burning desire, a passion.  It can start with two sticks, two stones.  It can start with a hello, a kiss, a handshake, a hug, it can start with a ray of sunshine in the morning, an idea, a thought, like a flash of lightening … it starts with one life.

A life filled with  …. the choice is yours …. to live.

By:  Natasha Parker

Published by Harmony Health and Happiness

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