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Today is a wonderful day for those celebrating the Vaisakhi in India as the UK Prime Minister David Cameron speaks about the tradition and his own experience.  As Prince William and Princess Kate tour the homeland of my father.

More than 50 years ago this would not have happened, as a dog was more welcome in British homes than Indian people or people whose skin was a different colour.

How important it is to accept the differences, embrace and invite, open discussions and ideas or round-table discussions of topics to help with physical and social barriers.  As we know in the UK we have more than 18 different nationalities of children attending local schools.

More knowledge, respect and understanding of people from their religion, language, architecture, cuisine, technology, music, dance, sports, medicine, dress, gender roles, laws, education, government, agriculture, economy, values, worth ethic, etiquette, courtship, recreation and gestures.

I remembered my father told me about stories of what he did – the youngest table tennis champion of India.  How we would watch him play cricket as young children whilst we made tea and sandwiches here in the UK.  How I watched with him the most heart-breaking story of man who changed the lives of many, and I was only 12.  Mahatma Gandhi how he struggled and fought in his own land, wanting justice for his people.

The stories of cultures, of traditions, of people who can make the difference in our lives as today I shared the story of how just the picture of  Lakshmi can symbolise a MOTHER and the amount of hands she needs to get the job done in one day.   She smiled as I continued well don’t you juggle, having three children with the tasks?

by Natasha Parker


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