Happy World Book Day – Books of a Life Time


Books of a Life Time

She was given a book,

A special treasure life book,

not at 5, or 9, or 20.

More than 50 years had gone by.

Not only one child received a gift,

nor two, or three but four girls.

So special, so dear, with memories,

with families, with smiles, filled with emotions.

Each unique, different, wrapped in paper,

with a ribbon and a note.

Her book was blue, rimmed with a

golden edge.

Sunflowers on the cover and

the most beautiful every-lasting tree,

filled with flowers in the summer,

and berries in the winter

as sat in the middle of the garden.

Each child given a gift from their

MOTHER, so dear to their heart,

so grateful to remember the gift

of a life.

A book of a Life Time. ……

Books of a Life Time ……

Thank YOU

We Love You Mum & Dad


By  Natasha Parker

Published by Harmony Health and Happiness

Energy Dynamic Foundation Team Building A step by step way to bring Harmony, Health and Happiness to the Lives of People by using trusted systems to support people with Talent, Wealth, Health and Harmonising individual and unique Teams at home or in business to create win/win solutions and bring Peace to our everyday challenges in Life.

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