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Our Business is like our child; and exactly like a child it has its moments of joy, happiness and pride and in some cases disappointments.  It will have the day it will speak it´s first word, and the day that it will begins to walk. There will come a day that it will go to school and eventually a day that it becomes independent.

Along the way, a great deal of patience, understanding, compassion and love will be needed. Our business and in the World of Business,  in fact has many sides. Many sides, departments, structures, organisational, people, roles, products and services  that we know and all are aware of and then again there are many sides that perhaps invisible to us.

Some parts, that the skills and techniques required to understand and run them are given, and some parts that have been kept secret and in history have been revealed only to a few. By understanding how our business works completely, we can control it and guide it so that it reaches it´s  highest potential to achieve goals, be of service, or providing products for the wellbeing of others and also our families. We can schedule it, mold it and expand it only if we know all the aspects that affect our business to move forward into the next century with success, prosperity and abundance to share with others.

I look forward to sharing with you digitalpublishing

including exceptional people  who continue to make a difference in peoples lives with new innovating ideas ……


By: Luisa Natasha Parker

Published by Harmony Health and Happiness

HARMONY HEALTH AND HAPPINESS A totally personalised holistic approach to Mind Body Soul Wellness - Wellbeing Solutions -Investing in People - Empowering Lives

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