Octopus Career Challenge

How many people feel they are an octopus? Not enough hands but lots to do? A sure sign of overload, over-worked and generally undervalued.

Long gone are the days that people are rewarded for their efforts, as companies face the challenge of technology in the workplace and roles and careers Change to adapt to keep up and stay open for business.

How can we solve the problem of high staff turnover, stress, mental health, wellbeing and balance work/home life and the demands?

With any home, family, business, it is the foundation and structure network built with individuals who bring so much more and allow growth, a sustainable structure and supporting the people they serve.

Communication is one key to understanding the octopus career challenge. Building Teams or networks that Partnership for the goals and each one is valued for the strengths they bring.

When we allow the octopus to take charge, we are less effective in achieving targets or goals.

We have generally one hand which we write with, one mind, one heart and one Spirit to enjoy life.

We have two kidneys and once we have no energy left from being and octopus, nature will show us it’s time for timeout to rethink, reorganise and restructure things which are causing pain.

“Tt’s never too late to change the octopus career challenge and swim in a new ocean of possibilities.”

We don’t have to have an electric shock from a jellyfish to realise it’s time to take charge of the octopus career challenge.”

Leave a message and we will help you find calm waters.

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