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A Holistic Approach to Life Skills for Healthcare Professionals

treating patients with

Pain vs Suffering 

The Pain Journal the US Association for the Study of Pain

“We estimated

1) the portion of total U.S. health care costs attributable to pain; and

2) the annual costs of pain associated with lower worker productivity.

We found that the total costs ranged from $560 to $635 billion in 2010 dollars.

The additional health care costs due to pain ranged from $261 to $300 billion. “

The Cost and Burden of Chronic Pain

Henry McQuay – Professor of Anaesthetics at Oxford University. He argues that “people who through no fault of their own have their lives demolished by pain deserve our help”
Patients with chronic pain who are managed poorly will bounce around the healthcare system, becoming more and more exasperated and consuming considerable resources”

UK back pain was estimated to cost the NHS £1 billion per annum.

In Germany, it has been estimated that the cost of back pain amounted to £13.44 billion each year.

Final words. “Chronic disease comes low on the political priority list, and chronic pain just gets forgotten. The burden for the sufferers, their families, and society is substantial and merits better treatment. The mark of a gracious society is how it treats those with least voice. That chronic pain puts people at the bottom of the pile is precisely why we should be agitating on their behalf for a fairer share of the medical resource cake

For any Local Government, Regional, National, Health Organisation Worldwide who wishes to discuss this holistic approach of preventative medicine to relieve World suffering, please do not hesitate to leave your contact details below.

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