Peace Day – Light a Candle Chapter 8

5 Minute Podcast – Parker The Poet in Kent

DAY No. 8

Light a Candle

Today is Day 8 and a picture of a candle and a message from Our Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom for Easter Sunday, a candle in St. Augustin Church with a picture in the background of a loving family.

A white cloth draped over the pulpit with the symbol of the cross and a

picture of The Lords prayer written in a rainbow of colours and languages.

Matthew’s message, “May the Joy of the Risen Lord fill your home with love, peace and strength and new life.”

Happy Easter from our house to yours. A candle in the centre of a table with link to a song from The Hymn of London by Josh Groban. A poster of the journey of Matthew – the fruits of the kingdom of heaven.

A photograph of a song The Prayer by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dione, and finally a gift of a card given by the Father of Nuestra Senora del Carmen.

Originally, this reflection, had a photograph of the purple night skies of Dubai and a ray of lightening that struck the tallest tower in the World.

… The very lightning that strikes the centre of our home,

makes us tremble when darkness arrives,

vibrating deep within each cell.

Fingers that stretched,

caressed and touched their broken hearts,

opened the skies to a new way of loving.

Remembering the lives that filled our homes,

with rays of sunshine,

smiles and moonlight kisses,

Holding our hands in darkness moments.

Light a Candle to honour the memories,

Preserving their light which shines,

To keep us strong,

With Faith,

With Hope,

With Love,

With Peace,

Rise and be a Lighting Candle flame of Love!

Thank you for taking the time today.

God Bless. Keep Safe, Keep Well, and Keep Smiling!


Vidoo (Vidyadhara Mary St Francis Parker)

The Love he shared,

the smile he gave,

the moments of joy which last a lifetime,

in self-reflection and spiritual connection.

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