Home is where the Heart is

As we are confined to our home this Christmas, we find ourselves in Tier 4 away from the people who bring a smile to our lives. As we find new ways of celebrating as the family met for a chat and raise of glasses on Christmas Eve.

This Poem was selected by my Sister at Easter nearly eight months ago when lockdown started behind closed doors. We hope you like the reflection.

Home is where the Heart is (excerpt Rise it’s time to Believe in YOU – Chapter 4)

We can build a safe home,

We can build a loving church,

We can build a golden skyscraper,

We can build a rainbow bridge.

Yet it is the very people,

Each and every one,

That adds value,

brings it to life.

The laughter,

The choir of angels,

The ringing bell lines.

A connection from one land to another.

A connection from one person to another,

A sacred connection,

A spirit of renewal,

A spirit of love,

A spirit of hope,

A spirit of faith,

A spirit of peace.

This Easter these places will be empty,

As the home becomes the refuge,

The shelter.

Filled with,

Choirs of music,

Books of prayer,

Poems and reflections,

Dances of laughter.

Of oneness,

A joining of hands,

United Peacefully at home.

Home is where the Heart is.

Rise with a Heart filled with Peace, Love and Joy!

Thank you for taking the time today.

God Bless. Keep Safe, Keep Well, and Keep Smiling!

Today Christmas Morning a recording of Yes We Can – Chapter 12

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