Sunday SunRise with a Smile

The heavens opened,

The sunrise a blaze of fire 🔥,

Lighting the skies for all to capture a moment of amazement.

A reminder of Togetherness,

Emerge with strength, 

with courage,

reborn, reignited, rejoice, remember,

With every New SunRise a New day.

To awaken the spirit of Love,

To awaken the spirit of Happiness,

To awaken the spirit of Peace.

A Sunrise Together,

Not a solitary moment alone,

Like the rising Phoenix from the ashes,

From the coldest and darkest nights of Winter.

With a sense of SunRise Sunshine.

As the snow ❄️ came covering our homes,

Our Streets, Our gardens, Our Lives,

A moment of peaceful moments,

As the flakes melted to Remembrance,

The lives lost,

Never forgotten but deeply remembered,

As the moments melted away.

A Sunday SunRise day to Remember the Love,

Education Day and the memories,

Of childhood, 



As they battle the ever changing climate,

From SunRise to Snowflake Moments…

Sunday SunRise with a Smile.

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