As I listen to Roger Love give some great tips today about voice, communication, melody and volume.

As Master Co supports people this week with Relationship energy healing.

As #Valentines Day approaches and people searching for their #Soulmate or improve their #relationships.

As an #Energy #Therapist NLP & #Hypnotherapist something to consider.

Smart Digital Tools Dr.Steve G. Jones No.1 World International Hpnotherapist to the Hollywood Stars and which you can find here

until I release my New Hypno-R for 2021.

I think the greatest lesson I learnt was:

  1. If you are #married or even in a #relationship with someone who has a stressful job, that energy slowly affects your relationship.
  2. What is the energetic connection and what connections need to be improved, developed as I told a #Psychologist where he was failing in his second marriage. A Lawyer how he could recover from his broken marriage to find someone else.
  3. If you’re #compatibility is only 70% then this is an opportunity to learn what’s missing or find the 100% 90% can work but you’ll have to work at it.

Maybe you might want to include 3 Minutes to your daily Ritual and Day “Dreams can come true it’s Time to Believe in You”

Supporting End Violence Abuse and Neglect.

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