Poem – Mountains by Parker

We can view them,

Climb them,

Enjoy the view,

Slide them,

Chip way at them,

But the greatest mountain,

Will be our own Climb back to Heaven,

Enjoy the moments of Peace.

Reflection is a great harness,

That can sustain our weight,

Or let us fall,

To recover the rocks,

That were left at the bottom …

Was it the Himalayas, 

Was it the Pyrenees,

The Rockies,

The Appalachians

Ben Nevis,

The Andes,

The Sierra Nevada,

Or The Great Dividing Range,

Or a winding road the Curva del diablo,

Never underestimate the weather,

The cold climate and conditions,

The social freezing temperatures,

Lands of snow …


(The Power of Poetry Rise it’s Time to Believe in You Friday 5 Minute Podcast)

Help them every step of the way to be the best they can be and help those who feel lost, alone, sad, in search of a comfort, a home where they will find love, peace and laughter.
“Hopeful that one day the children will leave behind the disappointments and powerlessness they might feel in the face of hatred, bullying and violence in their lives and the lives of their families, communities and nations.” Parker

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