How To Rise above Stress Awareness Month

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A testimonial I received today from India.

” I have done the recorded hypnotherapy session ” Escape to the beach” a few times now. It has been such a blessing for me and came to me at a time when I needed it the most. 

I had a lot of tension, pains and fatigue in the body particularly in the left side of my head, eye, ear, cheek and neck and the right side of the lower abdomen- due to a past few stressful years, fast/ distracted lifestyle and poor eating habits. 

I could not address it because life came in the way and would always procrastinate it. To add to it social media, fast paced life always kept me distracted and not want to be present or acknowledge the problem at hand. 

Finally as the pain got worst I went to doctors and did tests and they said everything was fine but I would continue to have the throbbing pain. I was feeling a bit perplexed since I did not know how to resolve it especially since the doctors had given a green light. 

This is where I feel modern medicine falls short. We hold so much unresolved and unreleased emotion : anger, tension, worry, grief which causes us body pain but no medical test can detect. This in turn starts affecting your body and organs. 

But yet they need to be resolved with time, care and attention. But where do we start ? How do we resolve and address this residual emotions causing us this pain ? 

This is where the session works as a miracle – It acts a light post : guiding us to slowly get back our attention to our bodies to begin healing all the emotions it carries. Listening to is everyday helps us identify, acknowledge, and ease and HEAL these residual emotions in a simple, subtle way. 

I started the session and it is unbelievable for me how I found myself slowly getting calmer, my body feeling lighter from within and the aches and pains disappear. My headache got gradually eased out. I sleep deeper, am happier, less anxious and more comfortable in my skin and developed a greater sense of self. 

In addition to healing my pain it also helped improve my interpersonal relationships and also make better personal decisions. It allows me to be present in every moment instead of always worrying about the future or living in my past. 

This has thus allowed me to be more present in my relationships – allowing me to appreciate and be patient and be more understanding and empathetic where required. 

This sessions helps you give yourself time which allows you to present and give to others in a more positive way without draining yourself. Because of the calm i am more conscious and aware of my everyday decision for eg : my eating habits. 

So the session has had a domino effect in different parts of my life. I always believed in hypnotherapy and so it was much easier for me to embrace and have faith in the idea. 

It truly works and please I urge everyone to use it to help yourselves heal . 

Thank you so much Luisa for being kind and generous enough to share it with us : both me and my father. 

It has truly helped us and we both consider you as God sent for helping us heal. May god bless you with abundance” 

Neha – India

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