As February is the month of Love & Friendship –

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The Carer
Indulge in Family & Sweets You may be wondering what your purpose in life is right now, as breakups tend to bring on existential crises in your life, and you need nothing more than comfort food and the love of friends and family. Ask them the big questions, cry on their shoulders, take some time to process. Surround yourself with love.

The Visionary
Isolate your mind Clear your mind Your go-to in times of great stress is isolation, and honestly, maybe a little space will help clear your head. Book a vacation to a secluded spot, or unplug and have a staycation without any distractions. Make sure you have a plan if you’re staying home – set clear boundaries with friends and family, turn off your phone and grieve a little bit.

Love yourself The Royal may have some success with a hot and heavy rebound, but deep down, you may need to let your emotions out and be honest. Work on loving yourself, which usually isn’t a difficult request for a King or Queen, but sometimes a breakup can catch you off-guard. Discovering that you aren’t invincible is like adding insult to injury, so handle with care.

The Performer
Have a night out on the town The Performer heals by getting exuberant and extroverted. Have a wild, fun night out with your friends at karaoke and then sing and dance your way into something new like a play or performance. Your craft will be more alive with all your passion.

The Spiritual
Search for deeper meaning The Spiritual takes a breakup in stride, although they too feel more vulnerable and depressed. You search for deeper meaning in all you do, and since you see the forest for the trees, you can bounce back a little bit easier than others. Spend a little extra time on self-care and meditation, you will find the answers you seek.

The Tastemaker
Strut your stuff After a bit of wallowing, you’re ready to get back out there. And if you don’t feel up to it, just put on your best outfit and see if you don’t make it out. Remember: you wow everyone with your ingenious style, but the giggles at your wit will make your heart soar.

The Explorer
Daily Mantra – Im joining the dating site Dating sites were made with your adventurous spirit in mind. Join one and begin exploring new people and places. You’re never one to shy away from taking risks, so right now, you’ll flourish in doing new things.

The Advocate
Daily Mantra – Im using my extra time to volunteer Any kind of volunteer work would be an excellent choice for you right now. You’ll feel better and meet others who are like-minded. It will also be an opportunity to find new causes. Start by watching a TED Talk, either online or in person, get inspired!

The Intellectual
Accomplish to-dos An Intellectual needs a game plan. Make a list of things you can do now that you’re single, things you might have put off because you had other priorities, and do them. The sense of accomplishment goes a long way, plus you’ll be so busy, you won’t have too much time to think about Mr. or Ms. So-and-so.

The Creative
Pour your heart into your work. The Creative, much like the Performer, benefits from the surge of emotion from the end of a relationship. You can pour your heart into your work and end up with something real, strong and completely astonishing. The first step is just realizing your potential and getting down to work.

The Athlete
Work it out physically You physically need to act – your competitive nature needs a release, as does the ego that’s been badly bruised. So do what you do best and get to the gym, the field, or the studio and work it out. Make more time for activities in the coming weeks and you’ll find your sadness will be assuaged with a little sweat.

The Rebel
Lay of the Booze You have some set rules with a breakup: one, never let that happen again and two, go out and get over it. You have honorable intentions but avoiding your emotions is a surefire way to have a crisis later on. Try to deal with any pain, and lay off the booze and self-destructive behavior. Don’t rebel against this advice either!

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