Exams & Revision The Power of Hypnotherapy

How to Rise above the Pressure

Exam and revision time is difficult for all students. The pressure and trying to keep focused and motivated. whether its GCSEs A Levels or University exams.

i thought I would share a testimonial about a private personalised hypnotherpay session which was created to support this student at University. During A level revision she used Escape to the Beach during revision to release the stress and obtained 3 As 2 A+s.

“Before listening to the recording I was struggling with motivation, concetration and self confidence after listening to it every night for about 3 weeks i have noticed a huge difference in my motivation when I wake up in the morning and when doing work.

I have been able to focus my attention on the correct things and I feel alot more confident within myself after listening to the recording. I’m in shock about how much my performance has changed.

Thank You.” A Tsesmelis

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