What is the Mission?

Why is this important? Or What do I mean by P.O.W.E.R.? Or that Our Mind Matters? Our View, Intention, Voice, Life, Effort, Focus?

Just imagine … it is 1998 and I am in Paradise. The blue skies, miles and miles of golden sand, people splashing in the water and drinking their mojitos, filled with mint leaves, crushed ice and with a dash of Habana rum.

There I am six months pregnant and feeling so happy, this big round fat plump belly. Looking down I see I am getting bigger, drinking delicious cold glasses full fat milk. Eating mouth-watering juicy delicious ripe yellow sunshine like mangos. In paradise they come in so many different sizes and colours. Just the smell, the soft smooth skin, and inside the excitement of the first bite, the taste it just feels like heaven on earth. I know why this is my father’s favourite fruit of paradise.

Today I am seeing a man of science, there he is in his white freshly pressed coat, tie and shirt with a warm gentle father like face, you know the one that we can trust, the one who knows, studied years and years.

– “You must drink at least a litre a day so that your baby will be strong and healthy, here in Cuba you will be given vitamins and these are given to all women who are pregnant.”

– “Really, what a wonderful thing to do, so even the poorest of women will have the vitamins so that their children are healthy.”

– “Yes, really. We are the number one in World for the highest infant mortality rates. We value the importance of the role the mother plays in bringing healthy, happy, babies into the World.”

-“We even have free check-ups to look after the developing child and mother. Anyone who does not go and see the doctor, we have people who will checkup and ask why they haven’t taken their pills or haven’t had their ultra-sounds.”

I was so excited, I really had put on alot of weight! Nothing mattered more to me than saying hello and meeting my new born baby. Have you every had that feeling? Have you every felt so excited that you just keep smiling and smiling and smiling?

Suddenly, my belly moves, he is poking out his little hand to say, “I’m here Mama.” Haven’t ever had that feeling oh how grateful and blessed to be able to be given the gift of a baby?

It is 3 o’clock I am at friends house who has two adorable sons. One so little with his sunshine coloured face and curly locks that could make anyone smile. The eldest with large rounded dark eyes, long eyelashes, roundish face, soft quiet voice but his shoulders seemed to droop there I felt his sadness and also a sense of fear.

You could hear the key in the lock turn and suddenly everyone’s face changed. The afternoon tea-party was over. I could feel the tension in the air, I could see the worry in their eyes, I could hear the shaking in their voice. There he stood with his greasy jet-black slicked hair as if he had emptied the jar of gel as a disguise, his commanding presence, small beady black piercing eyes, in a white stained coat, red tie and dirty cuffed white shirt. Possibly a food inspector, a cook, a butcher?

Some food of thought for today as his eyes looked at the eldest son, his eyebrows frowned and made waves across his forehead … the door closed with a bang it’s time to leave …

“Let me beat you till there is no skin left”,

As the belt lashed against the child’s body.

“Let me crush you” with every swipe,

“Let me disgrace and scar You whilst,

You tremble, shake and scream,”

Till the blood pours out and hits the ground.

“You little one will remember the wrath of my words,”

As I stand tall and crush

The very essence of your love for me.

“Silence, Silence, Silence”…

It was so dark and cold …

Inside and out, not another word,

Silence, Silence, Silence …

Support End Violence Abuse Bullying and Neglect behind closed doors and share with anyone who has felt unloved, uncared for and left crying till there were no more tears left.

Our mission is to change the Tears of Fear & Sadness to Joy and Happiness

that’s what we do at the American Alliance of Hypnotists here in the UK and in the USA with a 5 Star System. The Science behind the MIND.

Raise your hand or give us a thumbs UP with a YES.

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