The C.O.R.E. 007 Mission Possible

It’s the key to your Happiness & Success

Why is this important?

It’s the C.O.R.E. of everything we do.

It ALL begins with the Thoughts we plant in our Mind. Give me a thumbs up or Yes if you agree.

What is the Monkey Mind? Full of monkeys swinging from the trees, constantly screeching at a high pitch, chattering non-stop, fighting and bickering, a distracting mind causing mental chaos, physical exhaustion from jumping up and down.

Even beating on our chest like a gorilla. In the jungle the Lion’s roar will be heard. It will take a focused Mind in Silence at the C.O.R.E. of his 007 Mission Possible MAP to take aim and capture the wild beast.

Our Mission Possible is designed to help break free from limitations, tap into your inner C.O.R.E. P.O.W.E.R and create a D.R.E.A.M. life.

Published by Harmony Health and Happiness

HARMONY HEALTH AND HAPPINESS A totally personalised holistic approach to Mind Body Soul Wellness - Wellbeing Solutions -Investing in People - Empowering Lives

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