Creative Health and Arts

Now Available to listen on Spotify Apple Google Amazon Music Breaker CastBox PocketCast PodBean Listen Notes Join the 5 Minute Conversation on Fridays and find Your Surprise Poem & Words. 10th May is Reading Fun Week & Mothers Day for some parts of the World. Happy Mothers Day for Monday! 17th May is Creative HealthContinue reading “Creative Health and Arts”

Happy Great Poetry Reading Day Arts & Well-being

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” Robert Frost “I would define, in brief, the poetry of words as the rhythmical creation of Beauty.” Edgar Allan Poe “Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.” Plutarch “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: itContinue reading “Happy Great Poetry Reading Day Arts & Well-being”

Care Week – India & UK

Today supplies arrive from 🇬🇧 to help so many people who are suffering. My Grandfather DK Parker and Father would want me to share what I have created to support people with their well-being and also the pain of loss. I ask all of my followers to please share this post so it gets toContinue reading “Care Week – India & UK”

Make Dreams come True for Children with Terminal Illness this Sunday 36hrs to raise 1Million

It’s LIVE! We have just 36 hours to raise £1million for @raysofsunshinecc and we can’t do it without you – every donation made in this timeframe will be doubled, so donate now by clicking the link & help the charity continue creating precious memories 💛 #WhatIWouldGive Thank You £1.3 Million was raised in 36hrsContinue reading “Make Dreams come True for Children with Terminal Illness this Sunday 36hrs to raise 1Million”

Friday Poem A Love of Life

Honouring A Love Honouring A Life It started with a daily podcast during lockdown, that continued and motivated me every day to share a poem.  The months continued in and out of lockdown as the words filled the pages in english and spanish. Today’s Poem is a Love of Life Hello & Welcome to theContinue reading “Friday Poem A Love of Life”

Diabetes Challenge

Testimonial ” Dear Natasha, You have come as a miracle in my life (God sent). Kindly note as of now I have had 8-10 sessions so far and am also doing your hypnotherapy sessions regularly and the benefits are as under :  1. Very good and sound sleep everyday.  2. Mental and physical tensions reduced drastically especiallyContinue reading “Diabetes Challenge”

Start Each Day with

Listen on #Apple Start the week in a Positive State of Mind.  “The arts can make an invaluable contribution to a healthy and health creating society.  Art Therapy NHS Confederation. “Our Story does not define us but our actions will.” Natasha Special Thank You to: Dr. Steve G. Jones, International Clinical Hypnotherapist Matt TompkinsContinue reading “Start Each Day with”

How To Rise above Stress Awareness Month

Supporting people with their well-being be it with Hypnotherapy, Vitality Flow System or using the Creative Arts of Self- Expression & Self Awareness with Paint Write Read and Draw with the Inspiration Motivation and Empowerment Collection. A testimonial I received today from India. ” I have done the recorded hypnotherapy session ” Escape to theContinue reading “How To Rise above Stress Awareness Month”

Saturday Students Self-care during Revision & Exams

Testimonial“Before doing my Hypnotherapy session, I felt drained, unmotivated and angry. Whilst listening to Escape to the Beach, I felt completely at ease and relaxed. It was almost like sinking into the ground, everything melted away.I fell asleep during the session but when I woke up I felt refreshed and relieved of stress and anger.Continue reading “Saturday Students Self-care during Revision & Exams”