Self Help for Busy Individuals Digital Audio Solutions

Some might be asking What can I do today to maximise my time and at the same time resolve issues or challenges which crop up time and time again. Trying to keep motivated, or just need that extra boost of confidence after a set back. Maybe that relationship fell short of your expectations. Any numberContinue reading “Self Help for Busy Individuals Digital Audio Solutions”

Exams & Revision The Power of Hypnotherapy

How to Rise above the Pressure Exam and revision time is difficult for all students. The pressure and trying to keep focused and motivated. whether its GCSEs A Levels or University exams. i thought I would share a testimonial about a private personalised hypnotherpay session which was created to support this student at University. DuringContinue reading “Exams & Revision The Power of Hypnotherapy”

Vital Force Energy Check

Just as a light bulb brings light to our homes and brightens our lives. Brings warmth to our homes in the winter. We must also check our own vital force energy. From understanding the burnout feeling, overload stress of fogginess, to lack of motivation, sex drive and emotional trauma. Too much, too little or notContinue reading “Vital Force Energy Check”

Give yourself a break this Spring

“Self-awareness builds self esteem and confidence, understanding your desire, fears, dreams and goals.” Susan I Buchalter, ATR-BC, CGP, LPC  Invest in your personal development, growth and self-awareness this Spring. Need a moment of Mindfulness, Self-Esteem, Self-Care or Happiness. Oder your copy on Amazon