Monday Mind Health Thought

“A negative mind never attracts happiness or material success, but it will attract their opposites. You may trick yourself into believing that you are only playing devil’s advocate or searching for weaknesses in apparently good ideas, but in the end negative thinking always produces negative results. Just as your mind will work tirelessly to translateContinue reading “Monday Mind Health Thought”

International Women & Mothers

It has been International Womens’ Day this week and I thought I would also share that here in the UK we will be celebrating Mums, Mothers and Grandmothers on the 19th of March. If you are thinking about a gift to give them, perhaps they might like to enjoy Vital Touch Mind Health so thatContinue reading “International Women & Mothers”

Sunday Soul Vibration Series

Sunday is a wonderful day to rest, relax and reset our mindset and enjoy the moments. Some might be overwhelmed with emotions of the every challenges. As I shared Wellbeing & Confidence with a lady who works for an organisation that supports the homeless. The people who are struggling in our society and who needContinue reading “Sunday Soul Vibration Series”

Mind Health & Positive Mind

Self-confident people inspire it in others: their co-workers, their family, their bosses, their clients, and their friends. Gaining the trust of others by being confident, is one of the crucial activities in which we achieve success. Our degree of confidence shows in many ways: through behaviour, body language, how we communicate, and the words we useContinue reading “Mind Health & Positive Mind”

Creativity & Wellbeing

How many children don’t feel LOVED ❤️ ? Maybe an adult who now has found they never received these words., never felt loved, nurtured or cared for. Change begins with #words #thursdaythoughts When a child does not believe in his own greatness and the value he brings to the world, an important step in educationContinue reading “Creativity & Wellbeing”

Bring your Stories to Life

As a writer How can we create different content from books 📕 and words … These are a few things you might like to try … 🎤 Podcast 🖼️ Words into Art 💻 Digital Online Reflection Workshop 🎁 Endless Gifts 🔤 Share with the World 🌎 Change your words to  Wellbeing Solutions 😀 Investing in PeopleContinue reading “Bring your Stories to Life”

Wellbeing Solutions

Personal Development Learning gives us the opportunity to consider and reflect on a wide range of personal issues.  The ability to build confidence and make positiveand informed decisions to create Harmony Health and Happiness in our life and the life of others. There is no time like the present to join us on an exciting journey of Personal Development Learning & Leadership LearningContinue reading “Wellbeing Solutions”

Children’s’ Mental Health Week

childrens #mentalhealth week 6th to 12th A Gift 🎁 created to support them in their self-development, #emotionalintelligence “is the ability to read, write, speak and listen in a way that lets us #communicate effectively and make sense of the world.” #UNESCO “I recommend this book to anyone who needs more joy, 😄love ❤️ and positiveContinue reading “Children’s’ Mental Health Week”