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June is a month of connection and communication. Gemini season urges us to connect with our internal world, our thoughts, and our social connections.

All centres offer Meditation Evenings around the World, healing sessions online and in person. To help with the emotional, physical and mental Wellbeing of All.

Friday is a moment to destress and to enjoy the weekend.

Join us this Friday by joining hands together Peacefully with our focused attention, energy and time to unite in a moment of Peace.

Share this energy with your family and friends and remove the toxic emotions that breakdown communication and connections in our homes, families, communities and countries.

Leave your name so we can send the link directly for you to experience, enjoy and relax.

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Pranic Healing Psycotherapy

During self-isolation many might have experienced moments of frustration, as each one has been confined to their homes to save lives.

As a mother expressed her anger, recounted her abusive violent relationship. How the children screamed, were hyper-active, having sleeping troubles and she was feeling exhausted and couldn’t wait to get them back to school and just wanted to get out to go to work to bring back some order into her life.

Theses feelings, physical signs, a toxic environment will not help any family environment to find peace, love, or harmony. Energy Health Matters.

As she complained about the waiting lists for therapy are months on a waiting list.

People in desperate need of trying to reduce their stress, anxiety, frustration, depression and grief have an option to take back control of the disruptive energy and have therapy online.

A stressful environment leads to breakdowns in families, relationships and friendships. Communities of violence and abusive behaviours.

People Matter, Lives Matter, You Matter – Energy #Health Matters

A moment to join our hands together!

Friday 5th June, 2020 at 15.00hrs

Organise your Friday Special Moment!

Special Thank You to Marilag Mendoza and Daniel Urban Parker.

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People Matter, Lives Matter, You Matter – Friday Where

People Matter, Lives Matter, You Matter – Friday 5th June, 2020

We are All ready for Friday! By the Way it’s also Full Moon but I will get our Special Guest explain more!

People Matter, Lives Matter, You Matter – Friday Surprise

Have you made a date with your Family? Organised your Zoom Party for Friday? I Love Surprises especially if it is going to make someone Happy!

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At a time when self-isolating has had an impact on families behind closed doors and the long term effects.

Tensions, anger, anxiety, fear, and heart-break of not seeing loved ones.

The grief behind the loss of family members and friends. Loneliness, isolation and increase in mental health problems.

The increase of domestic abuse and violence in the home and the breakdown of communication.

The silence in some cases, leading to depression and young people giving up on life to the number one killer suicide.

Venturing into new Partnerships, to support the community and lives of our families with simple effective skills will be paramount.

Open for discussion on What, Who, When, Where and Why.

#United #Global #Goal No.16 & No.17

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The Power of Words

At a time when self-isolating
Social Distancing
Stay Home Save Lives
is the New Reality
Virtual Reality
Social Reality

Self-Care and Healing

The challenge is to share words on a daily basis which can change how we feel, think and act. 

“Relationships can light our lives or be a dark cloud that destroys our peace, love and happiness.” – Natasha

“Speech has allowed the communication of ideas, enabling human beings to work together to build the impossible. Mankind’s greatest achievements have come about by talking, and its greatest failures by not talking.” – Stephen Hawking

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Energy #Empowerment – The Power of Energy & Words


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The Power of Energy & Words





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