As February is the month of Love & Friendship – ARCHETYPES RELATIONSHIPS LOVE & BREAKUPS The CarerIndulge in Family & Sweets You may be wondering what your purpose in life is right now, as breakups tend to bring on existential crises in your life, and you need nothing more than comfort food and the loveContinue reading “LOVE & BREAKUPS “

February Harmony Health & Happiness

February is a time to celebrate the loving friends, family, colleagues and communities that all around the world are bringing a loving thought, gesture and action to lift the souls left in despair, feeling the stress and challenges each individual will face. As they listen, understand with a compassionate heart, mind, body and soul toContinue reading “February Harmony Health & Happiness”

Channel The Energy of the Year of the Tiger with Positive Action

Happy New Year of the #Tiger January came and went in a blink of eye so if you want to harness the energy of the new year select your challenge, pick from the 100+ list of #online help #solution sessions and make 2022 your best year and channel your energy, thoughts in a positive direction.Continue reading “Channel The Energy of the Year of the Tiger with Positive Action”

The Riches of the Mind

“The subconscious mind resembles a fertile garden spot, in which weeds will grow in abundance, if the seeds of more desirable crops are not sown therein.  Auto-suggestion is the agency of control through which an individual may voluntarily feed his or her subconscious mind on thoughts of a creative nature, or by neglect, permit thoughtsContinue reading “The Riches of the Mind”

It’s Never too late to Start Again

Many of us will face many challenges in life, leading us to despair or feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed. Finding it difficult to rise above the challenge to start again, start where you are today and take one step at a time. These are a few Online Help Sessions to help you Start AgainContinue reading “It’s Never too late to Start Again”

How to Master Your Mind in 2022

“The brain is both a broadcasting, and a receiving station for the vibration of thought.”Napoleon Hill If you love listening to music, maybe the sounds of the oceans then this digital book will support anyone who needs to Master their Mind.  1. Select the chapter  2. Select the one that best suits your intention. 3.Continue reading “How to Master Your Mind in 2022”

Feeling Stressed Unmotivated or Disconnected?

Have the holidays left you feeling stressed, unmotivated, and disconnected? For some the holi can be a stressful time, for others a moment of sadness as many find loved ones are no longer around. This 2022 Recharge and feel Energised with: “Escape to the Beach” Even the fellings of loss, whether its a job, home,Continue reading “Feeling Stressed Unmotivated or Disconnected?”

You are my Star

This evening highlights the importance of caring words, thoughts and actions as a beautiful child has been subject to tremendous acts of violence and sadly died. I am a mum of three and the greatest gift is being a mum and watching them grow step by step. It breaks my heart the Star’s short lifeContinue reading “You are my Star”

Her Eyes told the Story

When faced with loss and heartache we can sense the deep sadness, a daughter’s love for her father.  Just as all the people we meet, the memories shared and the heartache they aren’t with us any longer. As she described the painstaking task of having to write his memory to share with others. We cherishContinue reading “Her Eyes told the Story”