The Word

As artists of the Word we choose words which bring meaning to ourselves and hopefully best describes and defines our message, goal, vision and mission. We use words to communicate and if just for one moment think which word would be the best can change a situation, change people’s beliefs, change people’s limiting ideas.  TheContinue reading “The Word”

Systems Scandals Secrets

Brief Two Liner on Panama Scandal “Secrecy like this is not good for business.” We need political leaders to recognize the problem,and to commit to changing the law to open up this sort of secrecy. “It’s about how a system works, that entrenches corruption, tax evasion, poverty and instability. And in order to tackle this,Continue reading “Systems Scandals Secrets”

A Journey War Love & Peace

Haven’t you ever got that feeling that something isn’t quite right?  Walk into a room and know that you don’t want to be there?  Sit with someone and feel uncomfortable and just to want to leave? Just know that there is more but can’t seem to understand what? Like a child we are all inquisitive,Continue reading “A Journey War Love & Peace”

The Truth behind the Lie

In 2014 when I arrived in the UK I realised that there were many issues which needed to be changed.  The country I loved, the people and what we stand for as a nation. Things had changed, people were suffering and having a hard time.  I was not prepared to just sit and do nothingContinue reading “The Truth behind the Lie”

Mirror of Life – Poem

Look in the mirror and see, Just look in the mirror and see, What a Wonderful seed, What a wonderful tree, Filled with never-ending branches.   Full of memories of life & strife, Full of blossoms of colour, Full of sweetness and love, The fruit so crisp, so crunchy, filled with flavour.   Look inContinue reading “Mirror of Life – Poem”

A Book is a Book & A Life is a Life

As the arguments continue in the United Kingdom about Healthcare & the NHS long hours, not enough pay and lack of appreciation for the professionals.  Today I want to thank the Doctors & Nurses who saved my life more than 50 Years ago at St. Marys Hospital in London. I was no bigger than aContinue reading “A Book is a Book & A Life is a Life”

Crimes of Passion

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together (African Proverb) Episode 1 – Marriage & Sex & Relationships – “With the increase of divorce, single parents, sexual affairs on the rise and now recent online dating sites being hacked abusing people´s privacy and relationships, today our guestContinue reading “Crimes of Passion”