Happy World Book Day – Books of a Life Time


Books of a Life Time

She was given a book,

A special treasure life book,

not at 5, or 9, or 20.

More than 50 years had gone by.

Not only one child received a gift,

nor two, or three but four girls.

So special, so dear, with memories,

with families, with smiles, filled with emotions.

Each unique, different, wrapped in paper,

with a ribbon and a note.

Her book was blue, rimmed with a

golden edge.

Sunflowers on the cover and

the most beautiful every-lasting tree,

filled with flowers in the summer,

and berries in the winter

as sat in the middle of the garden.

Each child given a gift from their

MOTHER, so dear to their heart,

so grateful to remember the gift

of a life.

A book of a Life Time. ……

Books of a Life Time ……

Thank YOU

We Love You Mum & Dad


By  Natasha Parker

Follow Lead or Unite


It always starts somewhere, with someone, with one country, with one business, with one person.  Let you be the Transformation!  A choice to follow, lead or unite – magnetism!

by:  Natasha Parker

A Life A Word A Story


Why complicate things?  Keep it simple!

by Natasha Parker

Culture People Festivals UK/India

Today is a wonderful day for those celebrating the Vaisakhi in India as the UK Prime Minister David Cameron speaks about the tradition and his own experience.  As Prince William and Princess Kate tour the homeland of my father.

More than 50 years ago this would not have happened, as a dog was more welcome in British homes than Indian people or people whose skin was a different colour.

How important it is to accept the differences, embrace and invite, open discussions and ideas or round-table discussions of topics to help with physical and social barriers.  As we know in the UK we have more than 18 different nationalities of children attending local schools.

More knowledge, respect and understanding of people from their religion, language, architecture, cuisine, technology, music, dance, sports, medicine, dress, gender roles, laws, education, government, agriculture, economy, values, worth ethic, etiquette, courtship, recreation and gestures.

I remembered my father told me about stories of what he did – the youngest table tennis champion of India.  How we would watch him play cricket as young children whilst we made tea and sandwiches here in the UK.  How I watched with him the most heart-breaking story of man who changed the lives of many, and I was only 12.  Mahatma Gandhi how he struggled and fought in his own land, wanting justice for his people.

The stories of cultures, of traditions, of people who can make the difference in our lives as today I shared the story of how just the picture of  Lakshmi can symbolise a MOTHER and the amount of hands she needs to get the job done in one day.   She smiled as I continued well don’t you juggle, having three children with the tasks?

by Natasha Parker


Name Words Definition Stories



The name we give things will define what we have learnt.

The name we give objects will define what it is used for.

The name we give actions will define where we go.

What’s your name?  How many names do you have?  I  have two, one my parents gave me Natasha and one the church asked for Luisa.

It’s so easy to assume and make assumptions based on whose ideals?  Our family, Our country, Our customs, Our traditions, laws, etc.

Even the name of a book, a story or a Life.  I could have called my book any of the following with the stories of the people.  Which one is your favourite one?

Alice in Wonderland

Red Riding Hood

Sleeping Beauty

Jungle Book

Monsters Inc

Rich Man Poor Man

Oliver Twist

Beauty & the Beast

Mary Poppins

My fair Lady


Lion King




Did you read the beneath the words, the names, the layers and layers?  A life is filled with rich opportunities behind a mask of self discovery, a journey around the World in a Life.

What lights your fire?  The spark, the start.  A burning desire, a passion.  It can start with two sticks, two stones.  It can start with a hello, a kiss, a handshake, a hug, it can start with a ray of sunshine in the morning, an idea, a thought, like a flash of lightening … it starts with one life.

A life filled with  …. the choice is yours …. to live.

By:  Natasha Parker

Words of Wisdom


Now that I have a role of playing Mother and Father, through choice, we can only inspire our children with Words of Wisdom and hope that in the process we create innovators and people who inspire other’s to create change in sensible ways, analysing the information and data available, passed on, lived and then finally come to a conclusion and the best way to move forward rather than continue with vicious cycles of every day life, in politics, religion, law, education ……….

It’s my duty as a Mother and Father is to teach, to educate and to share with my children, they will choose, they will decide but it is also important to nuture, to cultivate and open the door to dialogue to a better understanding to help them with the information they need to face the challenges they will embark on their own personal journey.

I’m glad that one of my three children said as we discussed things over dinner “IT’S NOT WHAT I HAVE, IT’S WHO I AM THAT IS IMPORTANT” – a bold statement from a talented, intelligent boy.

Words, stories, children, lives – what is important? what matters?  Never let a child suffer, we can create and destroy, monsters vs leaders  …….

by Natasha Parker


World War III


All writers do their research, find the information they need to create a book.   Some will share their opinions about experiences and the challenges they face, others will simply innovate ideas from the past and update them, the list is endless of what you can read and topics to discuss.

Something so simple, a word, a book, a story, a life, a choice.  I don’t expect people to understand why I wrote my books, only I know and I thought I would share this.

My first book led me to investigate the World of Science, of Colour, Vibration of Words, my passion for magnets, physics, children, psychology, health and the list goes on and on ….

I wanted to create something that I could leave as a legacy for my children and other children.  I wanted create something that my husband at the time would never have to work again.   I had seen how he had worked so hard and together we had created a wonderful home and it was my time to do something.

Little did I realise that what I created would eventually break my initial thought and idea to starting World War III and the Battle of the Sex, Home, Family, Children & Lives.

It starts with one person, two people to create one child, and now we have three in the equation until we have more.  One cell, two cells create and unified a third and the pattern continues.

One person, one family, one community, one country, one World.  It always starts with ONE.  From small to large …….

Never under-estimate the power of a WORD, BOOK, PERSON, LIFE OR CHILD.  We can create or destroy.  Like more walls, or break them down!


By:  Natasha Parker


The Word


As artists of the Word we choose words which bring meaning to ourselves and hopefully best describes and defines our message, goal, vision and mission.

We use words to communicate and if just for one moment think which word would be the best can change a situation, change people’s beliefs, change people’s limiting ideas.  The english language is rich in words and there is a constant change of new words in the dictionary.  I come from a family which has had to try and overcome the difficulty of language and expression and WORDS – spanish, indian, greek, german, english.

As I speak many languages, it was always better to try and understand a person from another country using their words.  How I translated them would be the hard task and this I found when translating my first book into 7 languages – is this correct, would they understand?

ONE WORD is so important.  Did you know that philosophers, writers, theologists, historians, linguists, etc still argue today about a single WORD and it’s definition.  What define’s the meaning of a word, the context’s it is used the list is endless of ideas and WHY.  You will be surprised just as I was investigating the word RELIGION.  Of course, I have my own personal view, what this word means for me and how it has developed over the years.

I leave you with some songs which artists have chosen to title their work THE WORD, THE WORDS, ONE WORD

By  Natasha Parker


Systems Scandals Secrets

Brief Two Liner on Panama Scandal

“Secrecy like this is not good for business.” We need political leaders to recognize the problem,and to commit to changing the law to open up this sort of secrecy.

“It’s about how a system works, that entrenches corruption, tax evasion, poverty and instability. And in order to tackle this, we need to change the game. We need to change the rules”

“Secrecy like this is not good for business.” We need political leaders to recognize the problem,and to commit to changing the law to open up this sort of secrecy.” ( Global Witness & shared by Ted)

Click on link for full article shared by Natasha Parker


A Journey War Love & Peace

Haven’t you ever got that feeling that something isn’t quite right?  Walk into a room and know that you don’t want to be there?  Sit with someone and feel uncomfortable and just to want to leave? Just know that there is more but can’t seem to understand what?

Like a child we are all inquisitive, wonder why, ask questions and will come to our own conclusions as a result of our actions and experiences which can add value and bring insight to other aspects of life.

World War III was about to begin, not of great leaders of countries, just two people from two nations Germany & United Kingdom.  How many countries would be involved? How many people would be involved?  What would they find on the road to TRUTH?  Would there be LOVE?  How would they find PEACE?  What did they do and where would they go?

It started with a book, it started with one, two and then there were three.  Never judge a book by it’s cover.  Only the Author knows why.  If you truly know the Author you will understand.  Then again, do we truly understand who we are, our family, our friends, our work colleagues, our neighbours, our community, our country, our world.

I will leave that to each one to decide as I continue writing and sharing people, choices and lives on my own personal journey, filled with passion, with love, with drama, with crime, with choices, with people and countries  ……………………

by Natasha Parker

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