Vision 2020

How can you ensure it will be insightful and not clouded, blurred or blinkered? Honest communication networks, built on an ideal, strategic architectural plan to support YOU, your family, business and dreams to move forward with clarity. Founded on solid origins, not structures which crumble and then take years to rebuild. 5 Days … NeverContinue reading “Vision 2020”

Find your Purpose

  There is always a reason and purpose why we do the things we do. I started writing after I witnessed how many of my dear friends had suffered from abuse and violence as children. Some physically as they received the bloody blows, others emotionally, and some mentally. Take a look at the 16 Global Goals andContinue reading “Find your Purpose”

Dynamic Home Business Teams

Our Business is like our child, and exactly like a child it has its moments of joy, happiness and pride and in some cases disappointments. It will have the day it will speak it´s first word, and the day that it will begins to walk. There will come a day that it will go toContinue reading “Dynamic Home Business Teams”