Smile – Chapter 10

The nights become darker and the nights colder and it is a time to remember the Sunshine, that a Smile can mean so much and brighten someone’s day. As I said to a lovely gentleman today, “Smile because that is good for your heart.” Words from the Power of Words Mindful Reflection Series – ChapterContinue reading “Smile – Chapter 10”

Make every day a Holiday

I have always loved to see people Smile especially when they came to the destinations where I have lived. That dream holiday in paradise. As the ocean, blue skies and sunshine made every day filled with happiness. The extensive selection of mouthwatering moments that filled their lives with joy. Now you can experience Escape toContinue reading “Make every day a Holiday”

Saturday thought 💭

“Most illness begins with a negative mind. It is also possible to make yourself ill through constant worry and fear of failure, because the mind constantly strives to turn into reality the things we think about most. Protect your #mentalhealth with the same care you give your physical body. Just as your body requires healthy,Continue reading “Saturday thought 💭”

Thursday Thought

I thought I would finish the week with a sense of Love Joy and Happiness. A collection of Christmas trees in a rainbow of colours for you, your family and friends to enjoy. Exclusive Unique Mindfulness Word Art from Luisa Natasha Parker. Feel Inspired, Motivated and Empowered as you see the images especially created toContinue reading “Thursday Thought”

National Stress Day 2nd November

What we think as “Mind” is so intimately associated with what we call the “Body” that we are becoming to realise that one cannot be understood without the other.” – J.H. Robinson Feel free to browse through a collection of more than 200+ sessions for you to select from and enjoy in the comfort ofContinue reading “National Stress Day 2nd November”

T-Shirts with a Purpose

It’s a simple concept of energy, vibration and thought. It has been well documented that words change the chemistry of water, that repeated auto-suggestion through words can change the way we think and feel. Even the science of Fengshui to change the energy in our environment. Exclusive unique Mindfulness Word Art from The Power of Words MindfulContinue reading “T-Shirts with a Purpose”