Fed Up?

When I’m feeling fedup, exhausted and stressed out or just don’t feel my cheery self. My go-to-selfhelp is ”Escape to the Beach.” You can read in testimonials What happened when people listened to “Escape to the Beach.” As it’s World Mental Health Day leave me your name and email and I will send you aContinue reading “Fed Up?”

Life Strategy Solutions

How can you judge others accurately if you have not learned to judge yourself accurately? “The ability to evaluate yourself and your performance objectively is critical to your relationships with others and will have an enormous impact upon the level of success you achieve during your lifetime. Unless you can honestly evaluate your strengths andContinue reading “Life Strategy Solutions”

New Academic Year 2021/2022

There is no legal definition of bullying. According to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC): “Bullying is behaviour that hurts someone else. It includes name calling, hitting, pushing, spreading rumours, threatening or undermining someone. “It can happen anywhere – at school, at home or online. It’s usually repeated over aContinue reading “New Academic Year 2021/2022”

Sunday Just Making the World a Kinder Place

#Sunday as the sun shines in the #uk a moment to share a #New #Education #Edition#literacy#tool included. “Maybe it would have helped the teenager who thought bullying another boy was the right thing to do in front of a groups of boys with his words, his thoughts and actions.” ”Just trying to make the World a kinder place with words, thoughts andContinue reading “Sunday Just Making the World a Kinder Place”

New Start

Luisa Natasha Parker’s The Power of Poetry book encourages daily reflection. Her poems and words are empowering and inspirational. I recommend this book for everyone who is seeking self-awareness.” –Dr. Steve G. Jones, International No. 1 Clinical Hypnotherapist “When we read in language, we begin to form the words, phrases and sentences that we willContinue reading “New Start”