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Communication is the Key to Love, without it there is No Love


As she runs to answer the phone,

As she turns the pages of her favourite book,

As she speaks in a soft gentle way,

As she touches the hearts of the suffering,

As she embraces the sad and the lonely,

As she listens to the heart beat of the moment,

As she hears the sweet melody of song,

As she writes the words never to be forgotten,

As she plays with her angel of happiness,

As she sings to the rythm of a heart beat,

As she dances like the merry-go-round,

As she smells the sweet perfume that life brings,

As she howls at the troubles around,

As she dreams of a better tomorrow,

All in a moment and second of time…..

By Natasha ParkerThe Key to Love

The Daily News

POEM – Black is Black

Long gone are the days of

smiles, of sunshine and Peace,

on the lonely man’s journey to greener pastures.

Bitterness, resentments and fear,

live behind the closed doors

around the sharp corners and windy paths.

When the daily news is

filled with violent actions,

people gunned down,

Violent World, Violent deeds, Violent Thoughts &

Immoral acts.

Lives taken away in the

blink of an eye,

Left in pools of sorrow & sadness,

and no regret for a person’s life.

People beaten, bruised

tortured, by the psycologically insane,

till their bodies grow weak,

their bones crumble and shake,

and the smile has all gone.

Their skin pale like the moon’s light,

blackened eyes from the abuse,

and sleepless nights of torture,

To awake to the same days of so much darkness.

by Natasha Parkermoon_clouds_sky_black-and-white_6442_1920x1200

Poem – Robbed of Life – As I watched & listened to the People

Thank you for taking your time

Robbed of Life – A Life is a Lifebabyhand

In our every day World, crime, violence and robbery have become part of our lives.  Like a label covering our eyes, our hearts, our minds.

Small inhuman acts are hidden, jeered at or not taken seriously.  Some escalating to even larger crimes.  Not a thought or a word or action is enough.

Something so simple as a child searching to satisfy his hunger for food or a coloured pencil which belongs to another.

Words of abuse as a mother screams at her child and drags the insecure poor child down the road to school.

The child who is violently abused through abusive language and acts from his fellow friends.  Be it his colour, his religion, his hair, his body or his frightened smile.

A family who is left to starve as they are abandoned by their father.  As his search for selfless acts of sex and pleasure behind the bottom of the bottle.

Violence of honor and robbery of self dignity as, women, children and men are stripped naked.  Some left lying in pools of blood too defenseless to reach out for help.

The robbery of times of pleasure as each soul becomes the competition, the attacker, the hunter.

The crime of living a life of gluttony and greed.  Where power and money are more important than a simple act of kindness.

Crippled, disfigured and distorted are their bodies, their minds, their hearts, and their souls.  Robbed of life as they die from an incurable illness.

Crimes of passion as a life is stolen from the stab wounds and gunshots.

Robbed of a childhood and forced to the fields, the factory or the street corner to beg.

Robbed of the moment to enjoy the silence of the moment.  The sunshine, the soft gentle breeze, the whispering of the trees and the smell of the flowers.

A world of deceit and of lies.  Surrounded by anger, jealousy and envy.  Robbed by a friend, a family member or a partner.

Robbed of the essence of life – of hope, of joy, of happiness, as he lies on his death bed and takes his last breath as the machine is switched off and the tubes all removed.

Robbed of a decent job to support his family as he stands on the corner handing out brochures.

Robbed of an education to attend to his brothers and sisters.

Robbed of assistance as he lies on the road.  Not able to get up.

Robbed of his clothes as he wanders aimlessly the streets with his bare toes.

Robbed of his sight as he sits waiting for his cup to be filled.

Robbed of his home as he lies crumpled and surrounded by the daily news for warmth and comfort.

Robbed of his senses as he is strapped to the bed and tapped at the mouth.

Robbed of his freedom of speech as they listen to the call.  As his emails are hacked, as his privacy is taken away.

Gone are the memories of robberies, of crimes and violence in our lives.  Hidden in the cupboard, concealed in an envelope and behind the closed door.

Robbed of life. ..

By Luisa Natasha Parker




A Journey – Sunshine & Peace

POEM – The Mountain of Sunshine & Peace

The Mountain is high,

the road is long and winding,

filled with uncertainties and fears.

With weeds and flowers,

With Stones and bolders,

With Cracks and holes,

With animals and creatures great and small.

As we walk the road of sunshine and peace,

we will be remembered for the good words,

we will be remembered for the kind actions,

we will be remembered for the compassionate thoughts

along the way.

We will remember those who stood and watched,

we will remember those who fed us when we were hungry,

we will remember those who pushed us and we fought with,

we will remember the memories of pain and joy,

we will remember who held out their hand in times of need,

we will remember the love we gave and received.

Buried in a moment,

Buried in a day,

Buried in a week,

Buried in a month,

Buried in a year,

Buried in a century,

Buried in a time so long ago.

We will remember, so will you.     by  Natasha Parker

Children´s Day 30th April 2015

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Simple Words and phrases to help children remember they are special every day.  Remind them of the wonderful animals and nature with the photographs as they turn each page.  As you sit with them, please ask yourself which of these qualities do they need to strengthen them and help them.

Inspiring people and children to look deeper within to find the answers they seek.

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Your are Special

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