#Do1Thing Save a Life


One Center Global Pranic Healing will be offering Energy focused therapy sessions to overcome Depression and Suicide tendencies which takes the lives of millions every year.

During the month of Love and Friendship,

Open 24rs 7 Days a week.

A commitment to saving lives

#Do1Thing share with anyone who is crying out for help!   


WhatsUP 9892140445

We are very aware we need to make this treatment available online as easy as possible to reach the people who need help before it is too late.

Contact For more information on the event to be held on 8th and 9th February, 2020 in location.

With Pranic Healing there is no distance

Now, new technology allows us and people to experience  for themselves online and it is almost as good as being in the room yourself  but in the comfort of your home.



lets talk



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