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I created this website initially to support people to find harmony, health and happiness in their lives and to support one of my first events Change Your Life, nearly 5 years ago.

I had listened to the stories how my friends had been beaten until they bled as children, left abandoned, verbally abused, mentally broken and even though, through the masks of pain are great business women adding value with their purpose to improve and educate the lives of children.

I met many wonderful people and will share some of their work with you so that you can discover for yourself, that sometimes, the simple smallest of things can change a moment, a thought, action or experience. So feel free to add your name and email to receive updates.

Taking action, led me to write and publish my first book, Dreams can come True, then, You are Special Like the World, A Journey to Freedom, Love and Happiness, In the Silence of the Night and I continue creating and adding to my collection of words and stories to share with the lonely, the sad, the broken souls who need inspiration in the darkest of moments and need a helping hand.

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If you would like to create your story in a digital or printed book as a Legacy, please feel free to check out http://www.joomag.com

Want to read some of my latest additions, find them on http://www.luisanatashaparker.com

Thank you for making the time.

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