Leave a Legacy

I created this website initially to support people to find Harmony, Health and Happiness in their lives and to support one of my first events Change Your Life, nearly 9 years ago about Energy Empowerment.

Many years ago, I listened to the stories how my friends had been beaten until they bled as children, left abandoned, verbally abused, mentally broken and even though, through the masks of pain are great business women adding value with their purpose to improve and educate the lives of children. This led me to writing books and poetry to support the abused. (www.luisanatashaparker.com & http://www.parkerthepoetinkent.weebly.com)

Sometimes, the simple smallest of things can change a moment, a thought, action or experience.

Leaving a Legacy be it a word of comfort to raise a person from despair, sadness and make their life better.

My latest addition to support people with their well-being is Escape to the Beach.

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