Events – Heart of the City – London

Who, What, Where & When

The Speaker:
Renowned futurist and social entrepreneur, Roger James Hamilton

The Participants:
Leaders and guests of Europe’s leading entrepreneur organisations



7 Reasons Why the Entrepreneur Summit is for YOU…

  • You want the smartest cutting-edge marketing strategies to rapidly increase your business results.
  • You want to easily implement systems into your business to make you more productive.
  • You are curious to know what your own personal path to success is.
  • You want to know how to use advances in AI & VR and optimise your business for future competition.
  • You understand the power of crowd sourcing and crowdfunding and want to know how you can dramatically boost your results.
  • You want to learn the latest strategies in customer experience to boost the profits of your business.
  • You are interested to know what are the best new systems for start-ups.

If you want to be one step ahead of the coming disruptions and opportunities, this event is right for you.


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Roger and the Summit Speakers will share with you the latest tools and strategies to grow your business in a series of interactive and action-packed sessions, with opportunity to connect with participants and share opportunities. Content includes:

Top 10 trends

Learn the top 10 trends that will impact your business the most in 2019, and how to profit from them. From Crowdfunding and crypto-currency to augmented reality and artificial intelligence, discover the biggest waves and how to surf them.

Automated marketing

Learn the latest tools on social media, mobile marketing and video marketing to build an evergreen, predictable pipeline of new prospects and customers, so you no longer have to chase for business, and you can reclaim your time.

Work from anywhere

Learn how the smartest entrepreneurs are designing businesses that allow them to work from anywhere and learn from everywhere, with the right systems, partnerships and teams to grow a global business, and giving you freedom to travel.

Your personalised path

Learn how to align your business to your own personal passions, purpose and strengths, using the tools that over a million entrepreneurs around the world are using to follow their personal path and stay in their flow.

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