The Power of 5

I am a mum of 3 and like any mum we want to be the best we can and take care of our children, with the right skills to nurture them every step of the way in their development. I wanted to help them when they were sick, hurt or in Pain.

Disillusioned by traditional medicine, led me on a path of discovery of different healing methods and techniques in search of a more holistic approach.

We learn things along our journey which we will use to help bring Harmony Health and Happiness into the lives of the people we love and meet every day.

There is no time like the present to make time and remove the pain and suffering of experiences which cloud our mind, hurt our body and break our heart.

We can take action and help those who we find on our journey suffering from emotional pain, physical abuse and mentally left to cope in silence. As their hearts cry out for comfort in a World filled with noise.

Mums Finding the Words


The healing voice of a mother can comfort a distressed child.

The healing voice of a health professional can help bring comfort to their patients.

Mums Sharing Inspiration


Find a moment of balance to the deafening roar of social media.

Retreat into a safe, loving experience.

Mums making Memories


Life Experience and let go …

Take three deep breaths and close your eyes.

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