Online Training during Lockdown

As the newspaper and media continues to update us on the different lockdowns around the World due to increasingly numbers in COVID-19.

This is an opportunity to take charge of your Energy this November, take control of your family’s health and well-being.

An opportunity to train online to bring balance, harmony, health and happiness, different food life choices, environmental changes at home or in your business. Recharge, Recover, Revive, Rejuvenate this November.

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Thank you for Remembering our Heros & Veterans this November

The Royal Marines Charity Directly

Health and Healing

I wanted to share with you a story about health and healing and some of my findings.

A patient with diabetes, excess weight, and high cholesterol.

When we are given a diagnosis that our health is not as it should be it makes us stand back and ask

“What can I do to change this.”

“What actions do I need to take today to reverse this condition and live a healthier and happier life.”

We generally think about physical activities, exercise routines, change of meal plans, diets and lifestyle changes, yet we do not consider there is another influence which is overlooked. Our Energy.

I can only share my findings, if a person has more than 2 meters of congested energy surrounding vital organs like the liver, pancreas, stomach, intestines etc.

This is definitely a sign that things are not working correctly internally and which needs to be resolved to manifest radiant and perfect health.

It was interesting to understand how different situations had affected the patients emotional state and which needed to be released. Adding to congestion.

What did help my patient with their goal were the daily updates and conversations to support them with their health and well-being and their achievements.

It was great to learn that there is no need for medication which would have had an adverse effect on their health insurance and finances.

Another scenario, high cholesterol, fat lumps. As he discussed his tough day at work and how a person made him feel angry and tried to understand the interaction.

Again, having more than two meters of congestion around the liver, 15 cms around stomach and intestines was not going to help with his condition.

It was an opportunity to uncover underlying emotional issues which continued to upset him and cause pain and disruption in his relationships with himself and others.

He has been given a task and I look forward to sharing an update on how things evolve and his progress by using NeonHealth for health and well-being.

New Product

I thought I would share with you a New Product which I have created to support people with their Mental Health and Wellbeing.

A 40 minute private health session in the privacy of your own home.

“It was a God send. I was suffering and NeonHealth helped me enormously.” S.B. UK

“Superb, feel more relaxed and refreshed.” D.P. India

“I had no energy, brain fog and just felt so ill. I feel so much better after my NeonHealth session, Thank You. A.T. 🇬🇧

“Thank you Natasha for helping me with my #Anxiety and #Depression. After one session I felt so much better, and couldn’t believe the difference.”
A.T. – UK

“After struggling with a #painful shoulder joint for many weeks, I had a remote #virtual session with Natasha and after two sessions found that the pain had literally gone. I couldn’t believe it and I am thrilled with the results.

Also after suffering from a painful knee-joint due to excessive running, Natasha helped relieve my pain. Astonishing.”
A.T. – UK

“I suffer from tension headaches and after one virtual session with Natasha, the relief was incredible and I slept like a baby.”
​N.T. – UK

After several sleepless nights, Natasha’s Neon Health download has allowed a goodnight sleep and I feel like a new person. Thank you for changing my life.
S. B. – UK




Personal Development Learning gives us the opportunity to consider and reflect on a wide range of personal issues.  The ability to build confidence and make positive and informed decisions to create Harmony Health and Happiness in our life and the life of others.

The importance of having Health and Well-being, Harmonious Relationships and integrating our skills to the Wider Vision of the Global Goals.

Through different stages in life we learn about friendships, peer pressure, bullying, emotional changes.  Later we become aware how important our self-esteem, self-respect, assertiveness and positive relationships or unhealthy attitudes which impact in our lives.

Some will experience loss through career, work and other difficult situations.  Possibly the loss of a loved one, or maybe a breakdown in family communication and sibling rivalry.

Our self-esteem as well as our confidence will be challenged and lead us to find a path of courage and strength to understand the qualities of honour, respect, values, honesty and integrity. 

Some will be led on a path of destructive behaviours and emotional overload and will need that extra loving helping hand to rise above the challenge in a more positive, harmonious, healthy, and happier way.

We strive to bring the best out in each individual with our exceptional programmes, services, products, virtual sessions, one-to-one as well as our group online training sessions.

There is no time like the present to join us on an exciting journey of Personal Development Learning & Leadership Learning Skills.

A Sense of Belonging

Help Communities feel the benefits of economic growth by being in work, healthy and enjoying a good quality of life, feeling empowered, inspired to take action and create that dream.

The week was filled with excitement, music and purpose and passion.

Self-Isolation for many has its ups and for many their downs. Sorry for stating the obvious.

Many searching for the next step to adapt to our new reality, social reality, virtual reality and social connection.

This week I attended a PopUp Business School 5 day course and we covered many things. A business that from doing events in different locations now have adapted to being online.

The people who attended were inspired, motivated, supported, so much so that the working network groups kept chatting, sharing, well after the sessions were over.

It really doesn’t matter which country you are in. It really doesn’t matter the skills you have or don’t have, learning new simple effective things to support a person who is struggling, maybe they lost their job, business cash flow is more like rising debt, etc. A Social Enterprise, Charity, CIC.

Want to start sharing this in your country? Town? Business?

Contact Simon Paine the CEO & Founder of PopUpBusiness.

It starts with action, make that call, connection and bring back the smile to the people in your community.

Many years ago, I discussed with the Director of a Charity our thoughts on how we could build a better foundation to support the people being of service. This week I found a Company that delivers exactly those skills.

I have met so many people from all walks of life, each one trying to create that dream and along the way helped them make their dream come true.

They did not have the skills, they were not taught valuable life skills but each one of them needed a helping hand.

We can spend our whole life waiting for the right opportunity, spend thousands on the next latest technology, specialist, etc.

Many years ago, I did a Conference called Change Your Life. That’s when I was told you need a website. I taught myself in a day and had something ready that I could share.

If you are a community of people, social enterprise or CIC but the people you support don’t have the technical knowledge, know full well and trust that Simon Paine and his team at PopUpBusiness can deliver far above your expectations. I like Solutions to peoples problems.

Words from S. Bastow “This is fantastic, everyone should do this course, it’s amazing and it doesn’t matter what skills you have or don’t have.

I wanted to have a simple effective way to share my books and that is exactly what I learnt but there are so many other skills we learnt. Find Simon J Paine on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or their website PopUpBusiness.

Here is What I created and will continue to add.


Sunday Rise & Shine

What happens when you are face to face with a client and they have a problem to be solved?

It is very easy to overlook the small details but they are there as plain as the nose on our face.

Depression, sadness, lack of self-esteem, lack of confidence, heartache from a broken relationship is real.

When this is not solved it has a detrimental effect, slowly eating away at our ability to enjoy life and be grateful for every day.

The overload and heaviness starts to show and physical signs manifest. Eyes, skin, hair, body, as the heaviness takes over and life takes a turn to a place we don’t want to be.

Confusion sets in, clarity is lost in a dark cloud that looms over our heads, every step is harder to take, as our shoulders take the weight of responsibilities, duties, slowly putting strain on our movement and ability to just get out of bed or even complete the most simple of tasks.

A pill might help to mask the pain, but below the surface the inner pain is real.

The bursts of anger that escalate and eat away at our own happiness, as we continually feed the pain as it gets larger than life and it’s time to address the small details which were overlooked.

The yellow warning signs are there, the red stop signs are there and so next time when we look in the mirror. Look at the small details and learn something new.

Face reading with Simon G. Brown can help to understand the small details.

A new book to be published in August 2020. Rise it’s time to believe in You!

Learn to Inspire

Learn to Inspire Strategy

Today there was a meeting,

Discussing End Violence Against #Children,

How the UN, UNICEF, WHO,

Distinguished guest speakers,

Continue implementing changes,

33 Billion invested by the European Union,

How there has been an increase in violence, sexual, online, behind closed doors,

New technology + partnerships,

Japan having generously donated to support this effort.

Every child matters,

The consequences are long lasting,

Reoccurring patterns.

We have an opportunity to introduce change!

One step at a time!

“Find a Word of Inspiration to Inspire!

Not a tongue that lashes out,

makes them bleed from inside out!” Natasha

Software of the Mind

“Words are the language of our minds. We often think in words. In this sense language is the software of our mind.

What if the words themselves influence our thinking? Could the words we think with actually change the way we think?

The Power of Words is beautifully written by Luisa Natasha Parker and helps bring greater consciousness and awareness to our choice of words.

The focus is to choose the uplifting words that best help raise self esteem and nourish the power within. I recommend this book to anyone to create a more positive mind.”

Simon Brown, Macrobiotic and Feng Shui Author, Teacher and Consultant.

A Sample of the Knowledge and Wisdom behind Simon G. Brown

Leadership Learning Life Skills


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