Words of Wisdom


Now that I have a role of playing Mother and Father, through choice, we can only inspire our children with Words of Wisdom and hope that in the process we create innovators and people who inspire other’s to create change in sensible ways, analysing the information and data available, passed on, lived and then finally come to a conclusion and the best way to move forward rather than continue with vicious cycles of every day life, in politics, religion, law, education ……….

It’s my duty as a Mother and Father is to teach, to educate and to share with my children, they will choose, they will decide but it is also important to nuture, to cultivate and open the door to dialogue to a better understanding to help them with the information they need to face the challenges they will embark on their own personal journey.

I’m glad that one of my three children said as we discussed things over dinner “IT’S NOT WHAT I HAVE, IT’S WHO I AM THAT IS IMPORTANT” – a bold statement from a talented, intelligent boy.

Words, stories, children, lives – what is important? what matters?  Never let a child suffer, we can create and destroy, monsters vs leaders  …….

by Natasha Parker


Published by Harmony Health and Happiness

HARMONY HEALTH AND HAPPINESS A totally personalised holistic approach to Mind Body Wellness

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