Health and Healing

I wanted to share with you a story about health and healing and some of my findings.

A patient with diabetes, excess weight, and high cholesterol.

When we are given a diagnosis that our health is not as it should be it makes us stand back and ask

“What can I do to change this.”

“What actions do I need to take today to reverse this condition and live a healthier and happier life.”

We generally think about physical activities, exercise routines, change of meal plans, diets and lifestyle changes, yet we do not consider there is another influence which is overlooked. Our Energy.

I can only share my findings, if a person has more than 2 meters of congested energy surrounding vital organs like the liver, pancreas, stomach, intestines etc.

This is definitely a sign that things are not working correctly internally and which needs to be resolved to manifest radiant and perfect health.

It was interesting to understand how different situations had affected the patients emotional state and which needed to be released. Adding to congestion.

What did help my patient with their goal were the daily updates and conversations to support them with their health and well-being and their achievements.

It was great to learn that there is no need for medication which would have had an adverse effect on their health insurance and finances.

Another scenario, high cholesterol, fat lumps. As he discussed his tough day at work and how a person made him feel angry and tried to understand the interaction.

Again, having more than two meters of congestion around the liver, 15 cms around stomach and intestines was not going to help with his condition.

It was an opportunity to uncover underlying emotional issues which continued to upset him and cause pain and disruption in his relationships with himself and others.

He has been given a task and I look forward to sharing an update on how things evolve and his progress by using NeonHealth for health and well-being.

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